AltPorn.Net 2023 Inductees into the AltStar Hall of Fame

AltPorn.Net is pleased to announce the 2023 inductees to the AltStar Hall of Fame. This year, along with announcing the winners of the AltStar Awards, the awards ceremony included inducting a few key people into the AltStar Hall of Fame. These are people who have truly changed the shape of alt and made a difference for all creators in the space.

AltPorn.Net 2023 Inductees into the AltStar Hall of Fame

Proxy Paige

First up, we have Proxy Paige. At a time when most alt work was photo-based, and the alt video which existed was somewhat tentative, Proxy Paige exploded onto the screen as a performer with rave style and brightly colored hair, and a love of big toys and unusual acts. Known for her wildly tattooed alt talent and her wilder situations, extreme gapes, and more, as a director, she has pushed the envelope further.

Tommy Pistol

Next up, we have Tommy Pistol. At a time when acting in porn was, at best ironic, Tommy Pistol brought genuine acting chops to the industry. He appeared first in alternative productions and, as alt tends to always lead the mainstream of the industry, his raising the bar on acting contributed to why there are so many features with excellent acting today. Tommy Pistol’s influence in bringing about this evolution can not be underestimated.

Clix (MessyHot)

Clix is a celebrated rave promoter and photographer known best for his colorful dessert-sploshing images. A lot of his early photographic work was for EroticBPM, one of the original early alt membership sites, focused on authentic ravers and the sexy rave community. When this Awards show had a rave shoot category, Clix always had multiple nominations in it and frequent wins. Over time, Clix has branched out extensively in the sploshing community, bringing unexpected alt aesthetics and powerful color to the niche and expanding the notion of it, with his fun style.
AltPorn.Net has been doing press coverage celebrating alt creativity and the best in alternative erotica,, indie, counterculture, subculture, punk, goth, emo, tattooed, and just creatively offbeat sexy cool smut for over two decades and started giving the AltStar Awards to honor excellence in alt work produced in 2010. In addition to the annual star-packed event, AltPorn.Net produces AltStar Magazine.
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