Meana Wolf in "Bride To Be"

Seductive cuckolding is at the heart of Meana Wolf’s newest confession video, Bride To Be - a playful POV thrill ride about a frisky fiancée who overindulges in a bit of pre-wedding decadence, and offers up the dirty details for the thrill of it! Meana Wolf in Bride To Be
“My fans have always enjoyed my threesome and non-POV cuckolding content, as there is a huge void in the market for sultry and sensual cuckolding… as opposed to more extreme and humiliating versions that you see in mainstream porn,” explains Meana Wolf. “When the pandemic made it difficult to shoot with new talent in the studio, I decided to try a new style of confession video where I simply talk in great detail about having sex with other men. The response has been incredible, and fans say they can't get enough of the dirty details - whether it's having a sexual encounter with my Uber driver or boss, or engaging in full-on gangbangs." “Apparently they love the idea of their sweet girlfriend or wife discovering her slutty side and letting loose her inner sexual demon. They often comment that they’ve never held this particular fetish before, and now they can't stop thinking about their partner having sex with other men! Couples have also left messages in my DMs telling me how much they love these videos in particular, and how much they like acting out the stories themselves!”
Bride to Be is shot in crisp, clear 4K Ultra HD, so fans can get an eyeful of their favorite cheating hot wife in action… plus a full descriptive account from Meana herself! Make sure to follow Meana Wolf on Twitter @meanathewolf.

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