Jewelz Blu stars in BaDoink Studios’ CGI-Based Scene

Badoink Studios continues to expand its library of CGI-based VR scenes created with Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, A XXX Parody starring Jewelz Blu. Following the success of their first scene featuring a completely CGI environment, VRCosplayX upped the game and produced a scene based on the 2022 dystopian ‘Anime Cyberpunk’. Jewelz Blu stars in BaDoink Studios’ CGI-Based Scene The new scene puts the viewer in the shoes of the show's protagonist, David, a tragedy-stricken student forced to abandon his education at a prestigious school to live on the wrong side of the law as an “Edgerunner.” Jewelz Blu takes the role of Lucy, the young Netrunner who introduces David to his new life of crime.
Lucas Elliot, Content Director, is excited for this release. “We’ve worked extensively with Jewelz in the past and we knew instantly that she would be perfect for the role of Lucy. She consistently impresses us with her character research and acting abilities.”  Jewelz Blu has already starred in eight productions for VRCosplayX. “Not only was she perfect for the character, but she also understands the nuances of shooting in front of a green screen. It’s not easy to mentally transport yourself to an imaginary environment, but she did a great job."
VRCosplayX plans to continue producing cosplay content with 3D environments in the coming months. With scenes like Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, A XXX parody, and a Super Mario XXX parody in the works, the studio is making good on its promise to increase immersion in 7K virtual reality.
“We’ve already seen very positive feedback on the CGI effects in our scenes,” says Elliot.  “We are working on even more immersive projects and challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of virtual reality. It’s an exciting time here at VRCosplayX”.
You can follow Jewelz Blu on Twitter @jewelz_blu. You can follow Badoink on Twitter @badoinkofficial.

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