Lez Be Bad Comes Clean with “Filthy Habits”

Adult Time Original Series Lez Be Bad presents its latest wayward featurette, “Filthy Habits,” where these housewives’ secrets are about to be revealed! Lez Be Bad Comes Clean with “Filthy Habits”
Brand Ambassador Lauren Phillips tells a sassy tale about her friend Mona Azar: “Mona and I decided that we needed a new hobby, so we started gardening together. That was perfect for us… it made a great cover for us doing something even dirtier…." “That’s so dirty! Maybe you should go take a shower,” teases Lauren as she playfully spreads a generous helping of fresh soil across Mona’s breasts. “Yeah, I think that’s a good idea!” agrees an eagerly nodding Mona. “I’m really good at removing dirt,” flirts Lauren as she inches closer to Mona.
The sex is rough and dirty, with plenty of pit-sniffing, sweat-licking, and even some panty-stuffing as they take a nasty romp in and around the shower. They press each other against the glass… loving every sweat-fueled second of it. As far as habits go... this one is as filthy as they come! Ready to indulge in a fresh perspective on intense, unconventional performances that push boundaries without inhibitions? Interested talent and curious new fans can find Original Series Lez Be Bad on the AdultTime.com network, home to more than 380 channels, 60,000 episodes, and 8 new releases a day from the most recognized and respected studios in the industry.

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