Rachael Cavalli’s New Inside the Drop Merch

Rachael Cavalli has partnered with stand-out quality and highly creative brand Inside the Drop to release her own branded merch for her worldwide fans to take her home with them.
Take Rachael Cavalli's New Inside the Drop Merch
Celebrate the summer and get your fill of Rachael Cavalli branded merch courtesy of Inside the Drop. The merch drops on July 14th and is available on the ITD website. Pre-orders begin on June 30th. All US residents can score free shipping if they pre-order. Rachael’s Inside the Drop line features a skateboard deck, posters, an air freshener, tees, throw pillows, phone cases for iPhone and Galaxy, and more. And Rachael worked directly with ITD to help design merch her fans would love that’s made of quality materials.
“My fans have been asking for my branded merch, but I wanted to ensure I worked with a reputable company that would make quality items that my fans would love. Everyone at Inside the Drop has been incredible to work with, and my fans are going wild over the offering. If you buy any of my ITD merch and bring it to any of my feature shows and/or tradeshows, I will sign it for free,” says Rachael Cavalli.
See ITD x Rachael’s line of merch at insidethedrop.com. All US residents can score free shipping if they pre-order.

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