Learn About Sex Ed with Cory Chase and Sophia Locke

MYLF released an all-new Mom Swap scene this week starring two of the industry's favorite female performers, Cory Chase and Sophia Locke. Fans are completely blown away by the scene’s steamy taboo storyline and gorgeous cast, garnering the scene a 99% upvote on the brand’s website just a day after release. Learn About Sex Ed with Cory Chase and Sophia Locke In “HomeSchool Sex Ed,” Sophia enrolls her stepson (Nade Nasty) in one of Cory’s homeschool courses after Cory convinced Sophia that it would help Nade do better with his education just like it helped her own stepson (Nick Strokes). After a few months of Nade attending Cory’s classes, Sophia notices that Nade is doing much better in his studies than before. One day, Sophia decides to drop in unannounced to one of Cory’s lessons and is completely shocked at what she sees. She catches both Nade and Nick taking turns to eat Cory out on top of her desk. Cory explains that this is just part of their sex education lesson and it’s important for them to learn about it the right way. Once Sophia is more calm, she realizes that Cory’s teaching methods are what will bring positive results. Sophia then volunteers to join in and help teach the boys more about sex with Cory! Learn About Sex Ed with Cory Chase and Sophia Locke
One viewer wrote: “Sophia alone is worth the price of admission … And Cory remains a classic, The storyline is also entertaining …Nicely done.” Another commented, “Gorgeous moms, good cast all around. At a glance, it was really good. I look forward to watching again with more focus.”
See what all the rave is about by watching "HomeSchool Sex Ed" HERE.

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