Adult Time’s New Animated Limited Series From Animeshin Club

Adult Time announces a new original limited series with popular animation studio Animeshin Club, "Customer Service," with the first episode being "Getting Laid… Off." Adult Time's New Animated Limited Series From Animeshin Club The animated three-part series begins with an exciting day in  Nichola's office! This boss is about to pitch her new sex toy idea to corporate: 'Girth Where You Birth'! Her excitement fades when she gets some terrible news, though: corporate will be closing her branch! Now it’s up to Nichola to prove to the upper-ups that her branch - and valued employees - are worth saving… so if they're going down, they may as well go down with a bang!
“Futanari content is insanely popular, and we have had a lot of success pushing this type of product through our various advertising channels,” says Adult Time’s Director of Marketing, Frank Stacy, who also acted as Executive Producer on ‘Hentai Sex School’. “We’re very happy to bring new high-quality futanari content on our platform, working closely with some of our top collaborators when it comes to animated adult entertainment.”
Building on the massive popularity of Hentai Sex School, Adult Time’s collaboration with Animeshin has been ongoing for years, leading to the addition of many more animated content offerings on the platform, including AgentRedGirl, Futanarica, and 3DGspot. You can watch "Getting Laid… Off" HERE. You can follow Adult Time on X @Adulttimecom. You can follow Animeshin Club on X @AnimeshinClub.

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