Kitty Stryker to Release Ask Yourself: The Consent Culture Workbook on June 2

Feminist author/activist Kitty Stryker proudly announces the June 2nd release of Ask Yourself: The Consent Culture Workbook (available on Paperback and Kindle), a how-to guide to help navigate the undercurrents of social influences while building an affirmative culture of consent to practice in their everyday lives. A companion workbook to Stryker’s essential guide Ask: Building Consent Culture, Ask Yourself invites readers on a contemplative journey through 28 days of journaling over four weeks - exploring ‘Introspection,’ ‘Our Relationship to Each Other,’ ‘Our Relationship to the Community’ and ‘Reflection.’
“Ask Yourself is a much-needed resource that addresses the nuanced dynamics of consent in our society, and hopefully sparks conversations about cultivating a more enlightened culture based on mutual respect and autonomy that challenges the existing power structure that often rewards entitlement and overshadows individual agency," said Stryker.
The author has also deftly brought together thought-provoking insights from a diverse group of writers, journalists, and activists to explore how consent can empower individuals and inspire self-examination. With its practical exercises and collective wisdom, Ask Yourself equips readers with the tools they need to understand the complexities of consent better and firmly establish their boundaries through their words and actions. Published through Thornapple Press with a Foreword by Wagatwe Wanjuki, Ask Yourself: The Consent Culture Workbook contains discussions of sexuality, boundary violations, substance use, sexual assault, abuse, trauma, and other complicated topics. Find this book, along with Ask: Building Consent Culture, on Stryker’s author page at  

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