Gooner’s the Word With Release of Parallel Scenes

Adult Time is rolling out a trio of parallel scenarios from Mommy’s Boy, Mommy’s Girl and Daddy’s Boy - each following the analogous theme of porn-obsessed chronic masturbators - aka GOONERS! Gooner’s the Word With Release of Parallel Scenes On May 24, older woman/younger man series Mommy’s Boy presents “A Gooner Like His Stepmom”, starring Rachael Cavalli, who catches her stepson Josh Rivers staring intensely at his laptop while vigorously flying solo. It’s ok though: Rachael used to be a compulsive porn watcher too, and she’s happy to join him for a duet On May 27, older/younger woman lesbian series Mommy’s Girl drops “A Gooner Like Her Stepmom”, which finds stepmom Rachael Cavalli walking in on her stepdaughter Lily Larimar as she’s watching porn and masturbating, then joining her for a double act On June 18, older/younger man gay series Daddy’s Boy introduces “A Gooner Like His Stepdad”, with Alpha Wolfe playing the stepdad who catches his stepson Des Irez giving himself a hand while hypnotized by the computer screen.
"This is not the first time we've produced the same story for multiple sexual preferences at once, and it surely won't be the last," said Adult Time's pre-production manager 3X West. "We love using these parallel releases as an opportunity to bring the concepts we're most excited about to many audiences simultaneously. We've noticed there's a lot of overlap between popular porn fantasies across different sexualities - and if many of these fantasies have universal appeal, why not try to make some of our content universally appealing too?"

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