Jenevieve Hexxx in Sexy New Hustler Magazine Feature

Jenevieve Hexxx is well-known for her love of snakes. The flexible sex goddess performs with her forked-tongue friend Odezza around the world, and she has shared that she has partial reptilian DNA herself, belonging to a hybrid race with otherworldly magical powers. Jenevieve Hexxx in Sexy New Hustler Magazine Feature This week Jenevieve Hexxx is featured in an article in Hustler Magazine, “XXX Pet Roundup: Cold-Blooded Creatures” by Missy Martinez, talking about her metaphysical connection to her red-tailed boa and more!
“When [Odezza] and I dance together, it is like a psychic transmission of otherworldly magick that channels through me to share with the beings of this world,” she shares with Missy. “It is a metaphysical, spiritual, and mystical ritual which heightens the audience’s souls into loving passion and enlightened states of consciousness through the expression of dance. It is a tantric goddess ceremony, an initiatory love offering and enlightenment through art.”
The Hustler feature also covers fellow snake-loving performers Rosalyn Sphinx, Emmy Cakes, Amie Cambridge, and Roxxie Moth. Read the full article now at You can follow Jenevieve Hexxx on X/Twitter @JenevieveHexxx. You can follow Hustler Magazine on X/Twitter @HustlerMag.

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