From MindGeek to Aylo: A Groundbreaking Rebrand for a Transparent, Inclusive Digital Era

In an era demanding renewed dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and unwavering safety, MindGeek—renowned technology and media powerhouse behind titans like Pornhub, Brazzers,,, and Twistys —unveils its groundbreaking rebranding as Aylo. From MindGeek to Aylo: A Groundbreaking Rebrand for a Transparent, Inclusive Digital Era This transformative initiative, borne from the invaluable insights of its community of stakeholders, employees, and Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) ownership, signals a fresh trajectory that underscores its commitment to forging forward with transparency and engaged public dialogue.
"The term 'Aylo' might not populate dictionary pages, but therein lies its strength: we can harness it to symbolize our foundational values. We envisage 'Aylo' epitomizing our unwavering commitment to innovation, inclusive content, and trust. Our pivot to a brand name exuding rejuvenation is deliberate, allowing us to etch its legacy the way we envision. I extend my deepest gratitude to our workforce for their enduring dedication and invaluable insights during this pivotal metamorphosis."* - Aylo Management
Since its inception in 2004, MindGeek rapidly ascended the ranks, staking its claim as a tech trendsetter. However, with Ethical Capital Partners' recent acquisition, the ensuing chapter demands a brand identity that resonates more authentically with the team's evolving vision and ethos. As such, the creation of Aylo is not merely a change of title; it embodies the collective aspirations, innovations, and endeavors of the workforce over time. This sentiment reverberates deeply within the stakeholder community and aligns with ECP's strategic perspective.
"The enthusiasm coursing through the ranks at Aylo is palpable. Our team at Pornhub is invigorated to operate under Aylo's banner, maintaining our vow to curate a secure haven for vetted content creators and the broader adult entertainment community. As we transition under this refreshed identity, our guiding principles—authenticity, consent, originality, diversity, and freedom in sexual expression—remain undiminished."* - Alex Kekesi, VP Brand and Community, Pornhub
Aylo encapsulates a revitalized dawn, embodying the firm's unwavering commitment to act as a global vanguard tech platform. This beacon will illuminate pathways for countless creators to sustain their livelihoods, continually foster innovation within its talent pool, and ensure an uncompromising safety measure for the multitudes who frequent their platforms. Simultaneously, Aylo's emblematic identity will punctuate all future communication channels, marketing endeavors, and virtual interfaces. Notably, ECP's acquisition of MindGeek materialized in March 2023.
"Our acquisition of MindGeek, now rebranded as Aylo, in March 2023 catalyzed a series of insightful dialogues with our dedicated team and stakeholders. We discerned a universal longing for rejuvenation. ECP has always been keen on fostering an environment for open conversations, rectifying misconceptions, and altering the narrative surrounding our brand. Our pursuit to redefine Aylo as an industry luminary in innovation, inclusivity, and safety is relentless. This name change signifies the initial stride of a marathon towards these ambitions."* - Sarah Bain, VP Public Engagement, Ethical Captial Partners

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