It’s All About Watching In Delphine Films’ New Scene

Bloomer Yang has a brand-new scene on Delphine Films that debuted last night and might be one of the hottest girl/girl scenes of the year. It’s All About Watching In Delphine Films’ New Scene “Watch” stars Lilly Bell who is a newbie escort that’s been hired by female client, Jane Wilde. The scene opens with Jane grilling Lilly about how many people she’s had sex with and passing judgment on the number. After 30 minutes of this, Lilly is ready to leave since she’s been insulted and has never had a female client. Then Jane’s husband Tommy Pistol comes home. Lilly assumes they want a three-way, which wasn’t previously discussed. But then Lilly finds out he just wants to watch and record some of out for personal use. Just as Lilly thought, rich people are perverts. But soon she’ll find out rich people can buy anything in the world including fantasies. Jane and Lilly make out, undress each other, and go at it on the couch. It’s passionate and also has some rough elements like choking, smacking, and tribbing. Jane has one last surprise for Lilly as she pulls out a glass dildo for Lilly to fuck her and get one last orgasm.
"As a viewer, you never know where the scene will go. At first, it looks like Jane wants to insult Lilly, but then her husband comes home, and it seems like a three-way. But he just wants to be a voyeur and gets off just as much as if he was in the action. Lilly and Jane's acting was impressive, and very orgasm was real because they both really love women. I know the members will enjoy this," says Bloomer Yang.
It’s All About Watching In Delphine Films’ New Scene Check out the trailer and 28-minute exclusive scene for “Watch” at

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