GoAskAlex Busts ‘Crossover’ Sex Work Stigma

GoAskAlex offers her unique perspective on the more inclusive possibilities of sex work in a new article for sex-positive platform Lustery.com, “Is ‘Crossover’ Stigma in Porn Finally Fading?” GoAskAlex Busts ‘Crossover’ Sex Work Stigma The Points of View piece from author Jake Hall dives into the new world of adult entertainment, where independent content creators drive the trade with their own specialty productions- sidestepping the ‘traditional’ industry framework where structured categories of filmmaking - gay, straight, male, female - are being dismantled by performers “free to define their own sexuality and direct their own scenes without fitting into labels tied to studio systems”.
An ostomate who underwent a total abdominal colectomy (colon removal) due to bowel disease, GoAskAlex says, “’As a visibly disabled performer, it has been challenging for me to work with adult film studios, since I’m not seen as marketable in mainstream porn.’ But thanks to her independent success, she doesn’t have to - and she now largely doesn’t… ‘It feels unnecessary to add an extra step to the equation.’ Plus, she has ‘no issue finding performers to work with, and I’m currently among the top one percent of OnlyFans creators.’” She also discusses being “free to express sexual fluidity however she likes. ‘Since my studio experience is limited, I’m not exposed to the same stigmas as other industry professionals’… She chooses her porn collaborators based on ‘my safety, my instincts, and my comfort –– nothing more… stigma is not something I allow to dictate my decisions. A person’s sexual or gender identity is not something I take into consideration.’”
To read the article in full, visit Lustery.com. You can follow GoAskAlex on Twitter @goaskalexonline. You can follow Lustery on Twitter @lusteryhq.

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