Connie Perignon’s Debut Bang Bros Scene

Connie Perignon has made her BangBros debut, and she’s done it in a big way with one of the biggest dicks in the industry, BrickZilla. Connie Perignon's Debut Bang Bros Scene "Connie Loves Huge Cocks” opens with Connie Perignon checking her fine-ass self out in the mirror with a super cropped white shirt and short orange skirt. Then, she strips down, hops in the shower, and soaps, up. Once she starts to dry off, Connie calls BrickZilla in, drops his pants, and marvels at how big his cock is. Yes, the rumors were all true—it's the biggest and heaviest dick Connie's ever seen, so big she can't get it all in her mouth but gives him a mind-blowing BJ before they take it into the bedroom. Brick immediately began stretching her pussy and fucking her tight pussy wide open. The earth-shattering orgasms didn't stop coming and made her eyes roll to the back of her head until Brick's pullout game became weak, and he filled her with cum.
“Everything I heard about Brick is true, but I needed to see it with my own eyes. He gave me quite a stretching and a giant creampie. I’m definitely ready for Round 2,” says Connie Perignon.
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