James Bang Drops His 1st Asian Collab on OnlyFans

Rising star James Bang is treating his OnlyFans subscribers to his very first Asian hook collab, and it’s with bombshell Kimora Quin. James Bang Drops His 1st Asian Collab on OnlyFans James Bang has just dropped his first Asian hookup collab video, and it's available on his OnlyFans. His co-star is the stunning 5'10" stallion known as Kimora Quin. The scene's premise is that Kimora is really horny, so she decides to do the logical thing and Google "Asian Male Porn Stars." James is at the top of the list, so she immediately hits him and asks him to film a creampie video with her. Wanting to fill her up, James invites her over. What ensues is a 45-minute thriller that's a definite must-see for both their fans.
"Very rarely do you see Asian on Asian porn, and a big audience is fiending for it. My subscribers are really enjoying this video. Kimora and I had incredible chemistry, and this scene is definitely a thriller," says James Bang.
James’ first Asian collab video is available on his OnlyFans onlyfans.com/jamesbangxxx. You can follow James Bang on Twitter @jamesbangxxx. You can follow Kimora Quin on Twitter @KimoraQuin.

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