Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Launches ‘Silverstein Legal Alerts’

Corey D. Silverstein and Silverstein Legal, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, are pleased to announce their latest offering: Silverstein Legal Alerts. Silverstein Legal Alerts deliver news about major legal developments impacting the adult entertainment community directly to your inbox. Silverstein Legal Alerts will deliver essential information directly to registrants’ inboxes when legal developments significant to the adult entertainment industry warrant it, alerting Silverstein Legal clients and members of the adult entertainment community of significant happenings that may require action and/or strategic business shifts. Silverstein Legal Alerts are not a regular newsletter. They are key alerts sent in light of significant legal developments only. Members of the adult entertainment community are encouraged to register for Silverstein Legal Alerts now to receive an initial welcome message from Silverstein later this month. Register here
“Adult entertainment business operators are slammed with running the day-to-day functions of their businesses, so they often aren’t up-to-date on legal issues that may require immediate action,” Silverstein explained. “Silverstein Legal Alerts is a free service that aims to bring important legal and compliance issues to adult industry members’ attention.” “Our goal is simple – to keep our clients’ and industry members' radars sharp,” Silverstein continued.
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