How to protect yourself from getting banned on Twitter as an adult performer

Many are waking up to find that their Twitter account has been suspended.  There are more conspiracy theories and bullshit stories going around, making it nearly impossible to figure out what's really going on. Demi Sutra, Blake Blossom, and many like them woke up to having their Twitter accounts completely wiped. Here's a message Demi Sutra shared with her fans on her Instagram account her Twitter. Let me start by saying don't panic. If your account didn't get purged yet, you still have time to clean up your act. So let's start with what we do know.
  • Disconnect all auto-tweets from every platform, including but not limited to ManyVids, FanCentro, and Elevated X.
  • Look at your Twitter head and Avatar. It needs to be PG rated. Not PG-13, I mean PG, which means suitable for a child to look at. NO NUDITY. NO MENTION OR PORN COMPANIES OR WEBSITE LINKS. FULLY CLOTHED.
  • Look what you are posting. No bodily fluids of any kind should be tweeted, which includes but not limited to spitting, squirting, and sperm.
Twitter has what they called a sensitive media policy that many have quite honestly just ignored. It's very important that you understand Twitter doesn't have many rules, but the few they do have, you need to follow. The one that gets violated the most is the graphic content rule, which states you can't post photos or videos that include bodily fluids. This is bodily fluids of any kind, including semen, spit, and squirting. ANY FLUID THAT COMES FROM YOUR BODY. That being said, "You can share graphic content and consensually produced adult nudity and sexual behavior content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive." Let's go over some examples of bad things:
  • Having the word "Whore or Slut" in your Twitter header.
  • Promoting an adult website or having their logo in your Twitter header.
  • Posting a video of yourself squirting.
  • Posting a video where you spit on a guy's dick.
  • Talking about going on a "tour."
  • Talking about escorting in any manner.
Twitter isn't just banning porn stars. They are aggressively working towards getting rid of "bot" accounts as well. They had a major purge last week of hundreds of thousands of fake accounts. They are using advanced AI technology to help with this process, and that also means they are going to start using advanced AI technology to detect porn stars who post things they shouldn't. No longer do you have to fear getting reported by someone who doesn't like you. Now you risk the AI finding your naughty rule violation on its own. And that appears to be what happened last night. Turning your account "private" won't change anything. Despite what people are saying, the private feature won't stop the AI from detecting your rule violations. This is an unfounded rumor that fanboys seem to be spreading like wildfire. Turning your account private does nothing, despite what some random dude on the Internet says. You don't need to make a backup account. In fact, doing this can often lead to more problems, especially when it comes to people scamming your fans and trying to get money from them. I would say it's better to spend the extra time you would have spent making a backup account going through your current account and cleaning it up. Remove any potential problematic tweets. We here at Fleshbot are staying on top of the Twitter situation and will keep you updated as more information becomes available, so be sure and follow us on Twitter at @Fleshbot.

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