Siri Dahl Renews Brand Ambassadorship with Adult Time!

We’re happy to announce that Adult Time is renewing its partnership with the incredible Siri Dahl as our Brand Ambassador. This decision reflects Siri’s perfect fit, professionalism, and immense popularity among our global audience.

The renewed campaign ensures our collaboration with Siri will continue until January 31, 2024, paving the way for a prosperous future for both parties. Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed remarkable teamwork since Siri’s initial campaign in August 2022.

Siri shared her excitement about the contract extension, saying, “I’m thrilled to be continuing my Brand Ambassador relationship with Adult Time, and I’m looking forward to some very fun upcoming scenes and collaborations!”

As part of her ambassadorship, Siri will have reserved days each month to perform as talent. She will also work on a special collaboration project with our Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills, and continue promoting our brand.

Bree Mills expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am excited to continue working with Siri to build our collective brands, be creative, and collaborate on exciting projects. I look forward to what this next term will bring!”

For Adult Time members, you can catch Siri Dahl in the new Transfixed title, “Nude to the Neighborhood,” the Mommy’s Girl scene “A Trip Down Memory LAME,” and the Girlsway release, “Care Package“.

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