What’s Coming In December 2022

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in December 2022. We hope you enjoy them!


December 1 – Girslway – Tailoring To Her Needs

Why watch? A duo on fire!

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Featuring: Lena Anderson, Casey Calvert, Jennifer White (cameo)

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A teen girl and her overbearing mother visit a tailor to get the teen girl’s prom dress altered. While the tailor does her work, it quickly becomes obvious that the teen is miserable. After the tailor sneakily sends the mother to another room, the teen gradually opens up to the tailor, revealing that she’s feeling pressured about the prom… AND she’s a lesbian! After sharing a bonding moment, the teen comes onto the tailor, which leads to the teen’s first lesbian sexual experience.


December 5 – Daddy’s Boy – A Bet’s A Bet, Pop!

Why watch? Another gay episode worthy of Daddy’s Boy.

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Featuring: Dillon Diaz, Ty Santana

Content type: Gay

Synopsis: A closeted stepson is watching a football game with his straight stepdad, who he clearly has a crush on. They set up a friendly wager: whenever the opposing team scores, the loser has to strip an article of clothing. To the dad’s dismay, his team hits a losing streak which causes him to end up fully naked. The dad is then shocked when the son comes out as gay and admits to wanting to have sex with him. The son seduces the dad, and they have playful energetic sex on the couch – giving the son the “touchdown” he wanted.


December 6 – Pure Taboo – Break Point

Why watch? Never lower your guard against Seth Gamble! A perverse premise à la Pure Taboo.

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Featuring: Seth Gamble, Madi Collins

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: Jamie, a beautiful but very naive young woman, is dropped off by her mother one afternoon for her weekly tennis lesson. She’s terrible at the game, but her family wants her to pick up an extracurricular activity to look good on her college admissions … plus Dylan, her instructor, is really cool. What she doesn’t realize is that Dylan has been secretly lusting after her for months. And today, he has decided to finally take advantage of her.


December 10 – Mommy’s Girl – Be Polite To Our Guest, Young Lady!

Why watch? Kendra James.

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Featuring: Kendra James, Kimmy Kimm, Penny Barber (cameo)

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A stepmom instructs her stepdaughter to clean up the living room, reminding her of the agreement they made last semester when she didn’t get her grades up – the daughter has to do chores while the mom gets to perform sexual acts on her. The mom begins to have sex with the daughter as she cleans, but the friend arrives partway. The mom insists that the friend stay and chat with the mom while the mom has sex with the daughter in a “free-use”-style sex scene. The friend is SO impressed with the mom’s disciplinary tactics that she considers using them on her stepson…


December 11 – We Like Girls – Siri & Ana

Why watch? When it comes to lesbian sex, chemistry is everything! 

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Featuring: Siri Dahl, Ana Foxxx

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: And we’re back for another episode of We Like Girls! Another excellent couple sharing their inner thoughts and expectations.


December 12 – How Women Orgasm – Casey Calvert

*Visuals coming soon

Why watch? Is there anything more beautiful than a woman who orgasms?

Featuring: Casey Calvert

Content type: Solo

Synopsis: The female orgasm is intense, mysterious and beautiful. So, as part of our candid study of masturbation, we invited fan-favorite Casey Calvert!


December 14 – Mommy’s Boy – Be Polite To Our Guest, Young Man!

Why watch? A lighthearted episode to prepare us for the holidays to come! 

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Featuring: Penny Barber, Jay Romero, Cameo: Kendra James

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: In this sequel to “Mommy’s Girl – Be Polite To Our Guest, Young Lady!”, a stepmom instructs her stepson to prep the kitchen for lunch with her friend, reminding him of the agreement they made when she caught him breaking curfew – the son has to help the mom with chores while she has free reign to perform sexual acts on him. The mom begins to have sex with the son as he works, but the friend arrives partway. The mom insists that the friend stays to chat with the mom while the mom has sex with the son in a “free-use”-style sex scene. The friend is proud of the mom- it seems like she put her advice to free- erm- good use!


December 16 – Kiss Me / Fuck Me – Planning To Unwind

Why watch?  Seduction, seduction, seduction.

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Featuring: Charlotte Sins, Maya Woulfe

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: An erotic and intimate series that depicts a passionate encounter between two lovers, with a heavy focus on deep kissing, body exploration, and mutual pleasuring. What follows is a charged sexual encounter with kissing as a constant focus: deep sensual kissing with tongue, slow gradual undressing with necking and body kissing, and sex with constant kissing both during and between positions.


December 17 – Oopsie! – Undressing Room

*Visuals coming soon

Why watch? A wet dream for all voyeur members of Adult Time!

Featuring: Eva Maxim, Erica Cherry, Kimmy Kimm

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: While at a boutique browsing for new items and trying on clothes, Kimmy unwittingly gets the attention of the two store employees, Erica and Eva. Erica is smitten by Kimmy’s beauty and sneaks into the neighboring stall to spy on her as she’s changing. When the moment strikes, she runs into Kimmy’s stall to sniff her panties while Kimmy is modeling her outfit for Eva. The gig is up when Kimmy catches her in the act, but Erica can’t get fired from this job so she yanks her into the stall with her to keep her from tattling. Now Kimmy must seize the opportunity to turn this situation in her favor, before Eva catches them both.


December 18 – Modern-Day Sins – Proud Pervs: Tutor’s Group Cram Session

Why watch? The more the merrier. 😉

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Featuring: Rico Hernandez, Emma Starletto, Eliza Eves, Reese Robbins, Aften Opal. Cameos: Nick Strokes, Ricky Spanish

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A female tutor is tutoring a group of students when their pizza delivery arrives. The tutor is instantly attracted to the pizza guy, and convinces him to have discreet sex behind the students’ back. After almost getting caught a few times, they are finally discovered. The tutor and the pizza guy brazenly continue having sex, this time in full view of the gawking students, who the tutor continues to help, even as she’s getting fucked…


December 21 – Transfixed – MUSES: Foxxy

*Visuals coming soon


Why watch? Our best-selling high-quality series returns this month with a theme that will excite many.

Featuring: Foxxy, Aiden Ashley

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Two fierce and beautiful “Bond Girl” styled spies sneak into the same warehouse to diffuse a bomb and end up in a sexy confrontation.


December 23 – Ahegao Extreme Orgasms (Pilots) 

Straight – Stepson’s Girlfriend, Achievement Unlocked!

Why watch? Ahegao (アヘ顔) is a Japanese term for an exaggerated facial expression of characters during sex. A live-action must-see for anime and manga fans!

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Featuring: Aften Opal, Ryan Driller

Synopsis: A girl is intently playing video games on her stomach, ass up, when her boyfriend’s dad spots her and gets aroused. He tells her that if she likes challenges and games so much, then he’s got a special achievement for her to unlock – taking her biggest dick yet! He reveals his cock and she is gobsmacked by its size. He pounds her from behind while she continues to play but she gets more and more sloppy as he fucks her brains out.


Lesbian – Housewife’s Strap Distraction

Why watch? Crazy female orgasms. Who doesn’t like that?

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Featuring: Summer Vixen, Victoria Voxxx

Synopsis: A personal assistant brings her boss’ wife an apology present from the boss for missing her and the wife’s anniversary dinner. The assistant is holding the gift box at waist level in front of her as the wife gets huffy at being stood up, insisting that she doesn’t want a pity gift. But it turns out the assistant IS the gift, as she pulls the box away from her waist to reveal she’s wearing a strap-on! She was sent to fuck and fist the wife so hard that it’s guaranteed to be an anniversary that she’ll NEVER forget!


Trans – Blowing Her Neighbor’s Mind

Why watch? Do I see surprise in your reaction?

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Featuring: Brittney Kade, Jade Venus

Synopsis: A woman’s neighbor drops by to check on her because she heard the woman and the woman’s boyfriend fighting the night before. The woman explains that it was a messy but necessary breakup – the boyfriend was bad at sex, and had a small dick! The neighbor offers to give her the kind of sex she’s been craving, and impresses her with such amazing sex that the woman can’t help but make extreme orgasm faces from all the pleasure!


Gay – Taking It Up The Tailpipe

Why watch? Do men roll their eyes while orgasming? You will get the answer here!

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Featuring: Jeremy Spreadums, Michael DelRay

Synopsis: Two friends, a straight guy and a gay guy, come inside after having worked all day in the hot sun fixing a car. They are covered in sweat and grime but worse still, their jumpsuits are stained with oil and lube. They start making jokes about lube and sex, which leads to the straight guy doubting that bottoming feels good. The gay guy tells him not to knock it till he tries it, and challenges him to try bottoming for himself. The straight guy accepts and they have playful, energetic sex- with the straight guy’s extreme orgasm faces clearly showing that he’s enjoying getting pounded more than he ever expected!


December 26 – Portraits Done Differently: An Adult Time Holiday Special

Why watch? An Adult Time-style Christmas story that leaves no room for the Scrooge of this world featuring an all-star cast.

Featuring: Isiah Maxwell, Robby Echo, Codey Steele, Lauren Phillips, April Olsen, Kira Noir, Kenna James

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: Set in the late 80’s. A group of friends are scheduled to go to a Bree Mills Portrait Studio to get their holiday photos taken for family and friends. They are a wholesome preppy bunch who want to take individual shots and group shots to send to their families and friends. They’ve even brought some matching ‘ugly Christmas’ sweaters for the occasion. But the handsome, suave photographer and his free-spirited camera assistant have other plans!


December 28 – Transfixed – MUSES: Featuring Siri Dahl

Why watch? Two for one this month for Muses fans. This time we are entitled to a foursome with Siri Dahl!

Featuring: Khloe Kay, Jade Venus, Emma Rose, Siri Dahl

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Coming soon.


December 31 – Mommy’s Girl – Stuck Snooping

Why watch? A happy new year treat starring two of our members favorite models.

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Featuring: Cory Chase, Laney Grey

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A stepmom is convinced that her teen stepdaughter is sneaking her girlfriend into her bedroom, which isn’t allowed. The stepmom snoops around the teen’s room, looking for evidence, and finds the girlfriend’s underwear under the bed. But when she tries to get out from beneath the bed, she discovers she’s stuck! The teen comes back and mistakes the stuck stepmom for her sneaky girlfriend and begins eating her out. When the teen realizes it’s NOT her girlfriend but her stepmom instead, they confront each other, which only leads to even more energetic sex.

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