Who cares about the truth when we can just make it up?

Liar liar pants on fire. This is usually accustomed to people who are pathological liars. Pathological lying is not a health problem, but it can be a symptom for personality disorder. Sometimes lying can get us out of tough situations, but pathological liars end up lying with no clear intention.

In today’s world, it is hard to distinguish between what is true. Dishonesty is born from traumas either big or small. Some of this trauma includes losing a job, relationship or having financial issues. Liars start by lying to themselves. Sometimes even for us, it is better to live with long-term consequences of lies than telling the truth.

Even if you are playing online casino games, lying has no place, and we will help you know what you should take care of.

The Top Signs of a Liar

Compulsive liars are really good at what they say. Sometimes when you look into their eyes you will end up falling for their words. The following are six reasons why people lie when they don’t need to.

  1. The number one reason why people lie is that it matters to them. A typical liar always puts undeserved pressure on the issue at hand. Other people think it is unimportant while the liar will think it really does matter to them
  2. A compulsive liar obviously avoids telling the truth, because honesty does not conform to their narrative. The need to feel in control is essential to them, and telling the truth for them is a way of relinquishing that control.
  3. They do not want to lose the person they are lying to. A pathological liar will keep on telling you lies of what you want to hear. They fear to lose the people they love, the respect and value that they have been shown. Adding one lie after the other is a way for them to be accepted and feel loved.
  4. If you have ever come across a liar then it is hard to for you to trust them, right? A single lie always builds up to another lie to cover up the first lie, and that is why lies never end. When the truth is finally revealed it will be like a house of cards tumbling down.
  5. Memories about what we have said or experienced change with time. Compulsive liars cannot rely on their memories because they believe their lies at that particular moment. Factors such as stress and current situations can overwhelm the liar in creating a reality that does not exist.
  6. Liars have an instinct, to tell the truth, to satisfy a need. They want their lie to be the truth by saying it over and over again. Words have power right, for them telling lies constantly makes them believe that they are true.

The best way to avoid lies is to face the traumas that come our way. For us to be healed we need to clear our emotional closet. Believe in the truth and it will set you free.


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