YNOT: VRPorn.com’s Founder on ‘The State of Adult VR’

YNOT: VRPorn.com’s Founder on ‘The State of Adult VR’

The Future Is So Bright We Can Look Forward to VR Shades!

VENICE, CA – Daniel Peterson, the founder and CEO of VRPorn.com was clearly an early adapter to the technology and it’s paid off now that the masses are beginning to make the move to virtual reality content.

The site is the most-trafficked VR site in the world and the numbers are exploding as more discover the technology and companies offer a wider range of content. Gene Zorkin at YNOT.com sat down with the young visionary to get an idea what’s next for the industry.

“VR is still so young and with such low adoption rates that the popularity of VR porn is almost guaranteed to increase 10-100 times from here,” Peterson told YNOT. “The growth we’ve seen over the past year is really just the beginning. The cost has come down dramatically in the past couple years, but high-end VR equipment is still expensive and difficult to use. VR will continue to get exponentially better, cheaper, and easier. As it does, VR adoption will continue to increase.”

Peterson expect that resolutions will improve, graphics processing will be faster and better ergonomics will help attract new users.

“Long term, we will get to a point where VR looks like a cool pair of sunglasses that is affordable and as easy to use as a smartphone,” he said.

While manufacturers are unlikely to adapt applications for the adult industry, Porn Valley has a way of staying ahead of mainstream when it comes to new technologies.

“VR can do anything that can be done with standard video, plus anything else you can imagine,” he said. “At the moment, POV is the most popular because it’s easy to produce and it’s effective. But as 3D video recording improves there will certainly be more options for movement.”

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