VRPorn.com Knows You Want Her: ‘3 Times You Wished Skylar Heart Was Your Girlfriend’

VRPorn.com Knows You Want Her: ‘3 Times You Wished Skylar Heart Was Your Girlfriend’

Busty Blonde Canuck Likey the Fucky (Oh, Wait, Do They Speak English Up There?)

VENICE, CA – Skylar Heart is everything you want from a Canadian girl: sweet, pretty and big titties to keep you warm during the long, brutal winters.

The curvy blonde is the subject of three virtual reality scenes under scrutiny here and she passes with flying maple leaf colors. First up is “Her Sex Addiction,” which is a solo masturbation scene and we quickly find out that this girl knows her way around her love hole. Directed by Anna Lee, you wonder if she really needed any direction – she has obviously been in this territory before.

“She clearly doesn´t need anybody else to stimulate her tight pussy and get it wet,” writes VRPorn.com. “And she doesn´t even need anybody to bring her to orgasm. No, all she needs are her fingers and the help of a huge dildo.”

If you’re starting to wonder if maybe she doesn’t play well with others, think again. In “Love Thy Neighbour” she is joined by Scarlet Moore, a slender cutie who is more than happy to swap twat-tendering with Skylar.

“The reason why this scene works so well it is because these two sluts make an amazing couple,” they write. “Scarlet is a lot slimmer and has much smaller tits than Skylar, but she also has a natural body. I don´t know about you but I think it´d take me a long time to grow tired of watching on as these two babes have sex. In fact, I don´t think I would ever get tired of it.”

But what’s the absolute best Skylar scene? If you’re going to choose just one and make the most of it, where to start? That seems to be easy to answer.

“I literally love all her scenes but if I was forced to just pick out one, I’d have to choose “What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’,” say the professionals at VRPorn.com. “So, if you only have time to watch one VR porn scene today, I would strongly recommend that you make this one it. I don´t think the gorgeous Skylar has ever looked a lot hotter than she does in this scene.”

Read “3 Times You Wished Skylar Heart Was Your Girlfriend” at https://vrporn.com/3-times-you-wished-skylar-heart-was-your-girfriend/.

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