VRPorn.com Gets Happy With Norah Nova


October 23, 2017

VRPorn.com Gets Happy With Norah Nova

She’s Perky, She’s Pretty and She’s Horny as Hell

VENICE, CA – VRPorn.com continues to seek the hottest ladies to reveal themselves in stunning virtual reality and one of their discoveries is the stupendous Norah Nova.

Norah has a show on BaDoinkVR called Super Nova and the performance has stunned even the professionals.

“This scene represents Norah’s very first attempt to demonstrate her best skills in virtual reality porn,” VRPorn.com wrote. “I think that the result is awe-inspiring. Super Nova is one of the most real happy scenes I’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look!”

This scene, which was released Oct. 5, clocks in at an impressive 28 minutes and is a POV boy/girl.

“What’s the better way of persuasion than a fast, enthusiastic sex? That’s the most substantial part of the video,” they write. “Norah Nova brings along with her a fantastic smile and an incredibly high taste for sex. So you can look forward to the delightful virtual experience, full of tender, intimate moments.”

Norah is exceptionally happy in this scene, which can be a nice break from the content that takes itself too seriously.

“I love every single aspect of the show. The background, the outfit, the performance, the story and especially the dialogues are excellently done. On the other hand, some people might find her performance a little bit exaggerative or even annoying. Well, as always, everything depends on a taste and individual preferences. I love these joyful and extra enthusiastic girls. It’s something that’s not usual in Virtual Porn. So if you like the type of actresses, then you should definitely watch the Super Nova!”

Read at “Keep Smiling with Norah Nova” at https://vrporn.com/keep-smiling-with-norah-nova/.

Keep apprised of Norah’s new VR scenes by checking her VR page at https://vrporn.com/pornstars/norah-nova/.

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