VRPorn.com Conducts Investigation of Ukrainian Beauty


October 18, 2017

VRPorn.com Conducts Investigation of Ukrainian Beauty

Elle Rose Brings to Life a Side of Country Rarely Discussed Today

VENICE, CA – There are a lot of beautiful young ladies in the adult industry and the folks at VRPorn.com have an interesting theory about them: the sweeter a teen looks, the dirtier she is when it comes to sex.

That’s quite a statement! A few parents out there just got the shivers and maybe for good reason. Of course, if you’re going to say something like that you’d damn better have something to back it up. And they do. Her name is Elle Rose.

Elle is a Ukranian teen and she is eager to show the world there is more Orthodox churches and cyber criminals. It has some of the most beautiful young lovelies in the world. And while Elle might not be able to show us the joys of Ukraine through a personally-guided tour of Kiev or a series of essays written in sparkling English explaining the wonders of the region, she does have one trick up her sleeve: her shockingly-perfect body.

And she’s willing to use it.

“She’s definitely not shy as she has no problem showing off her tight twat,” writes VRPorn.com. “And this Ukrainian slut loves sex so much that she’s so much into pussy as she is into cock.”

The site suggests that fans/potential fans take a look at her virtual reality scenes to get the clearest picture of how spectacular she is.

“Secret Spa: Japanese Style Massage” from TmwVRnet.com gives a POV from the lucky recipient’s side of things, showing Elle’s massage technique to be anything but by the book while also showing her to be the most delicious masseuse you’ve ever seen.

“Sweetie Orgasms in Arm-Chair” (also from TmwVRnet) might not have the most exciting title, but it does explain what the video is. Of course, “Sweetie” rather understates Elle’s beauty and just how hot this solo scene gets. The chair will never be the same!

“Test For Hiring: Casting For New Cutie” (yet again, this is from TmwVRnet) from XXX is a threesome co-starring Angel Wicky and a well-slabbed cocksman. Angel is the dickman’s assistant and she trains Elle in what it means to be the best at your job. Classic. Every sexy girl should view this before entering the workplace.

“Teen Fucking in Wellness” (from SexBabesVR). Let’s have them tell the tale: “Few words and after while she knees and do her job. You give it to her from behind next to the pool and she gets even more horny from the feeling that someone can see you. Then she sits on you and fuck you like no-one before.”

“Horny Cleaner” (TmwVRnet) is another boy/girl, this one with a classic maid setup. Can this girl clean! That cock was sparkling when she was done with it! Um, yeah, the house was fine, too. But, oh, she was something!

Read the Elle story at https://vrporn.com/pornstars/elle-rose/. Look for all her VR scenes at https://vrporn.com/sex-crazed-elle-rose-more-than-a-pretty-face/.

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