VRPorn.com Examines Job Interviews in the Time of Virtual Reality

Ashley Anderson’s Preparation Is Unconventional Yet Successful

VENICE, CA – It’s not easy out there for the working man or working woman. Things are changing so quickly that it seems impossible to keep up. Technology is constantly stalking us, taking over marketplaces, pushing us out the door again and again.

Technology has certainly driven changes in the adult industry in the past few years, but they haven’t yet figured out how to replace your friendly neighborhood porn star – though not from a lack of trying on the parts of creative types.

Alabamian Ashley Anderson is trying to stay one step ahead of the game, which for her means just getting through job interviews. She gets so nervous! But she’s discovered that sucking her man’s cock before she goes in really settles her down. BaDoinkVR found out about this situation and has given us “Breakfast of Champions,” which really gives a great look at what this Southern girl is going through.

“The blowjob shows the wild side of Ms. Anderson,” VRPorn.com writes. “If during her talking parts she was trying to conceal her nervousness, then it’s this beginning of the affair that truly exposes her well-developed sexuality and energetic personality. She sucks like a true champion, then proceeds to stimulate her pussy while she’s rubbing her entire crotch area against your leg. This a great way of showing you that she’s in the mood for some truly hardcore action, while also teasing you about her excellent abilities.”

The scene is awarded a 9.7/10 rating and they call it “yet another grand release from BaDoinkVR” and say Ashley’s VR debut is “truly memorable and kinky, so this lady deserves all the praise in the world!”

“This is a premium release that beats the living hell out of the ordinary average virtual reality adult experiences,” they write. “Furthermore, it’s one of the few films which depict a perfectly happy and functional relationship, so there is some credit that should be given in this department. ‘Breakfast of Champions’ is, metaphorically speaking, exactly what you need to start your day off the right way.”

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