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XBIZ Feature on VR Turns to VRPorn.com Founder for Insight on Technology & Porn

VENICE, CA – Anal sex hasn’t been so popular since the Greeks ruled the known world and it will long be debated whether porn played an instigating role or was simply holding a mirror to society’s increasingly adventurous sexuality, but it’s here. British GQ has reported that Pornhub’s search results in the Queen’s country found “anal sex” to be the third most popular search term and it doesn’t appear that it will be dropping off the charts anytime soon.

This week VRPorn.com published a story titled “Through the Backdoor: VR Porn Stars Who Like Anal Sex,” which can act as a quick guide to some of porn’s most beautiful ladies getting satisfied in the Greek way.

They focus on an incredible trio representing three of the world’s great civilizations: Russian blonde Katrin Tequila, Floridian Jojo Kiss and German Texas Patti.

For Jojo, they are very keen on her scene “Backdoor Surprise (VOYEUR),” saying it is a masterwork of anal pornography. They write that the 20-year-old “may still be young and look sweet, but she loves nothing more than getting fucked in the ass.”

“This scene may just very well be the hottest scene you could watch today so make yourself a favor and check it out! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.”

Highly recommended viewing for white Russian Katrin is “Post Grad” from VirtualRealPorn.

“This scene has it all: masturbation, fucking – including anal fucking, of course – a blowjob, and an anal creampie,” they write. What’s not to love about it?”

They write that the stunner “is clearly not afraid to try out new things when it comes to sex. If you ask me, that’s always a winner!”

Finally, the German named Texas: “Patti and Her Jobs” shows the Eurobabe begging to be fucked and, when a gal is as hot as her, getting laid is absolutely no problem. But we can pretend.

“The scenario is that she is so desperate to get a new job that she lets her would-be boss fuck her right there in the middle of her job interview,” they write. “If you were interviewing Texas Patti, would you hire her after she let you fucked her ass?”

“I hope that one day all female porn stars would do anal scenes,” they write, “in the meantime, I sure am happy that some of the hottest women in the virtual reality porn scene do them.”

The September issue of XBIZ has a story titled “The Art of Video Production: Making the Leap to 4K, VR and Beyond.” Written by Shawn Alff, the feature discusses the leaps and bounds technology is taking with the adult industry taking the lead. Alff spoke with several industry heavyweights, including Brad Armstrong, Aiden Starr, Jonni Darkko and VRPorn.com CEP Daniel Peterson.

“Peterson was excited that the initially tech-related issues of scale resolution and viewer comfort with VR have largely been worked out,” Alff writes as he is introducing Peterson. “Now, the attention in VR has shifted to what is happening in front of the cameras.”

“It’s not just filming people going at it,” Peterson says. “It’s not just filming people going at it. Almost every studio is now producing creative scenes of various cosplay characters. Many studios are also experimenting with CGI special effects.

“The adult industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and we are seeing that pattern play out again for VR.”

Read “The Art of Video Production” in the September 2017 issue of XBIZ, pages 50 and 123.

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