VRPorn Runs the Sarah Vandella Interview

What Is Her Dream VR Scene? How About a SV VR Gangbang!

VENICE, CA – It’s been an amazing decade for Sarah Vandella in the adult industry and the industry is better for it, too. She’s had a tremendous career, and it’s included some excellent virtual reality scenes.

This week VRPorn.com is running a new interview with Sarah and she reveals that her first VR scene was in 2009 in Virtual Reality Stimulator, which was Hi Def 3-D. “Very ahead of its time,” says Sarah.

Given the opportunity to plot out her own VR scene, Sarah doesn’t hold back.

“Wow, I love gangbangs, so maybe something like that but for VR. But, I would have to think about that one,” she says.

Her VR scenes include “Double Tub Trouble” (MILFVR), “V for Vandella: An Act of Revenge” (NaughtyAmericaVR) and “Fuck My Mom and Me” (WANKZVR).

“They were both fantastic shoots,” she says of “Double Tub Trouble” and “Fuck My Mom and Me. “I enjoyed both of them so very much. It’s really hard to pick a favorite when you love what you do and you love the people we shoot for!”

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