VRPorn Featured in New Game Revolution Interview

‘Adult Is Often a Driving Force for the Adoption of New Technology’

VENICE, CA – Game Revolution interviewed VRPorn.com CEO Daniel Peterson for a new article that discusses the advances in virtual reality technology and how it is and how it will affect the prospects for adult VR.

VRPorn.com is the top adult entertainment VR site on the internet and Peterson was an early adapter – and blogger – buying the domain in 2013. Today that site has millions of unique visitors per month – indeed, they are currently at an all-time high. As excited as Peterson is about the genre, he clearly understands that it is in the process of becoming something much bigger.

“It’s true there’s a lot of room for improvement,” Peterson tells Game Revolution. “The point is not that we are already in the Matrix, the point is that VR is now possible, we are at the early stages, and it will improve exponentially. It’s like people playing Atari Pong and concluding that videogames will forever be low fidelity, but now there are amazing photorealistic 3D worlds with millions of players interacting.”

Jonathan Leack wrote “Interview: Top Adult VR Site Traffic at “All Time High”, Most Visitors Don’t Own a VR Device (Yet).” Like many, Leack recognizes the adult industry’s status as a driver of new technologies, which gives Peterson a front row seat at VRPorn.com.

“Literally millions of people enter the VR ecosystem in the first place because they want to try out that VR porn they’ve been hearing about,” Peterson says. “The majority of the millions of people who come to our site for the first time don’t yet own a VR headset. Adult is often a driving force for the adoption of new technology — e.g. VHS, high bandwidth internet, etc. – and it’s very much the case with VR also.”

Read the entire Game Revolution interview at http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/344271-interview-top-adult-vr-site-traffic-time-high-visitors-dont-vr-device-yet.

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