VRPorn.com Takes a Good Look at Nikki Delano in VR

Site Says Few VR Experiences Reach ‘This Level of Awesomeness’

VENICE, CA – The page with the latest VRPorn.com piece on Nikki Delano kicks off with a photo of Nikki and the dude who’s about to bang her, and if you can take your eyes off her for a second you’ll see that he is staring hungrily at her titties. It’s something many men have done before and many more will do so after. How can we not stare at those mouth-than-a-mouthfuls?

The lusty New Yorker has been in the adult industry for six years and has won several awards, including Best Latina Performer at the NightMoves Awards. Nikki also has a trophy for Best Ass and nowhere will you find a better example of that derrière than in VRHush’s “Nikki Delano’s Perfect Ass,” which VRPorn.com highlighted in a piece this week.

The POV scene was shot with a fascinating 360-degree field of view, though it’s been suggested that “you’d be crazy to ever take your eyes off of her!” They unabashedly rate the scene 10/10, saying “very few experiences in virtual reality porn can reach this level of pure awesomeness.”

“Nikki will try to top her previous performance by leaning into you and shaking her ass in your direction while being bent over,” VRPorn.com writes. “This is a mesmerizing and mind-boggling performance that you will be remembering for months to come! It’s incredible how much energy this lady has, it’s stunning to look at her pretty feline face, and words just can’t do justice to this performance of hers.”

This is the third scene of Nikki’s to be covered by VRPorn.com and certainly the one met with the most fanfare. They also gave some attention to “Anally Challenged,” a VR scene she did for Naughty America late last year. “Ring My Bell,” a POV scene from BaDoinkVR, also got some love when it came out last year.

“It’s truly one of the cases in which you have to see for yourself in order to believe what a gem this particular film is,” VRPorn.com writes about “Perfect Ass.” “And it’s not just about the physical dimension of it: Ms. Delano will do some seductive and kinky dirty talking that’s meant to keep you at the highest level of arousal all the time. She needs you to be as hard and as involved as you can, just because she is also making a great effort and the result can only reach its full potential of greatness when the connection is complete.”

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