VRPorn.com Goes South of the Border for Frida Sante Interview

La Muchacha Tiena Algo Que Decir Sobre la Realidad Virtual  

VENICE, CA – Most visitors to VRPorn.com are looking for the latest in adult virtual reality scenes or VR tech news, but in-between there are delicious tidbits like a new interview with Frida Sante.

As her name would suggest, Frida is Latina, from the hemisphere’s biggest city, Distrito Federal aka DF or, as the gringos say it, Mexico City. She’s a petite 5’ 2” who weighs in at 97 pounds with generous C-cup titties. Esta es una muchacha muy caliente! She’s shot two VR scenes so far and finds the possibilities very enticing.

“It was like I found myself into a new world of sexual exploration which felt limiting from a technical perspective, but very rich in potential,” she told VRPorn.com. “You can do a lot with these limitations and really make the most out of your performances!”

Her two VR scenes were captured by VirtualRealPorn. The first was “I’m The Boss,” which featured Frida with Miguel Zayas. The other is “Dildos Experts,” a threesome with Chantelle Fox and Zayas.

“I would love to do more, and also explore new fantasies with the same cast, hopefully that will happen really soon,” she said. “The threesome actually was one of my best experiences in my career, as well as in my personal life. In my opinion, we have wonderful chemistry.”

Asked if she believes VR will eventually replace standard 2D content, she said she hopes they will be able to live side by side.

“I think VR is a wonderful experience for people who desire to do more than passively watch, and fulfill their wildest fantasies,” she said. “I think it’s a wonderful experience, now they can choose what and how to watch. With VR, they can feel us closer, which is awesome!

“The experience is really – and I mean really – different. When I did my first scene in VR, I have to confess that I didn’t have any clue about what to look forward to. I was expecting the regular boy/girl scene where I usually get excited with the touching and all that kind of stuff, but when they started to explain everything to me, I realized just how different it is.”

Different in a very beautiful way.

Enjoy the interview with Frida and many other adult stars at www.VRPorn.com. Her interview can be found at https://vrporn.com/vr-porn-interviews-frida-sante/. Check out her VR scenes at https://vrporn.com/pornstars/frida-sante/.

Connect with Frida on Twitter @fridasante. She can be booked via the VIP Connect at http://thevipconnect.com/Frida-Sante.html.

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