VRPorn.com Explains How to Get Room-Scale VR Out of Your Android Phone

And It Won’t Cost You More Than $10!

VENICE, CA – Getting into virtual reality might seem intimidating to the newbie and possibly assumed to be financially out of range, but the reality is that it is much easier and less expensive than many might think.

In a pair of stories on VRPorn.com, writer Dr. S details just how it can be done if you are already set up with a decent Android phone.

In “VRidge and RiftCat: Room-Scale VR Porn for Android Phones,” he describes as a shortcut around what he calls “this high-tech virtual reality price-wall.” The all-important SteamVR software can be accessed using the aforementioned high-end Android phone or a Google Cardboard headset and an app combo called VRidge and RiftCat. That app combo will cost a reasonable $9.99.

“This means that for roughly $9.99 (cost of RiftCat) plus $19.99 (the cost of a decent Google Cardboard headset), gamers can try out and play SteamVR software including awesome room-scale erotic sex simulators that were designed for the expensive virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift,” he writes. “This is an amazing possibility for the budget-minded gamers and horn-dogs or people that are on the fence about high-end virtual reality hardware and software.”

There are limitations. But for a few bucks, it gets you into this new virtual reality world and where you take it from there, that’s up to you.

Read “VRidge and RiftCat: Room-Scale VR Porn for Android Phones” at https://vrporn.com/vridge-and-riftcat-room-scale-vr-porn-for-android-phones/.

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