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Steam VR Home Is Getting ‘Some Crazy Updates’

VENICE, CA – VRPorn.com continues to be the top website for keeping up to date on adult virtual reality and general VR tech news and one of the stories they unveiled this week details major advancements from Steam.

Steam is the social entertainment platform from gaming company Valve, is making big progress on their Steam VR Home, an essential repository that makes it easy to access VR software. According to VRPorn.com writer DrSchlonginhymen, it is getting “some crazy updates.”

DrSchlonginhymen says that virtually all owners of HTC Vive, Oculus and OpenVR eventually find themselves using the site thanks to its vast repository of great software. He says Steam VR mostly “just serves as a bridge to the games, and a shitty looking bridge at that.”

But, he adds, with their updates they are “going for something flashy, more like the Golden Gate Bridge, Valve’s new Steam VR Home blows open the customizability doors in ways that I never predicted or expected. The power and flexibility of the new Steam VR Home have so much potential.”

Still in Beta, the biggest improvements have been the addition of fully navigable 3D environments. They now offer higher resolution and support animation, sound, games and interactivity.

“Environments can now be higher resolution and support animation, sound, games, and interactivity,” Valve said. “Players can teleport around and explore any of the hundreds of environments created by the community. In addition, players can customize and save their environment with props and drawings, then set it as their default home space.”

Another important aspect is that Steam VR Home the increased level of customization and social opportunities. DrSchlonginhymen says “this will allow users to make very complex and detailed VR Perv Dens that will be perfect for hanging out in between virtual reality porn browsing sessions.”

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