VRPorn.com Unveils a Rare Look at Virtual Reality Numbers

BaDoinkVR Discovers That Customers Like Convenience, Mid-Range Prices

VENICE, CA – With the porn industry desperately searching for some way to break out of its financial death spiral, virtual reality is frequently lauded as the white horse – but do the numbers support it?

Companies both mainstream and adult have been reluctant to make any numbers public, but BaDoinkVR, which specializes in adult VR content, is now the exception – and they are offering some interesting and important insight.

VRPorn.com has a new piece written by hardvr that takes a look at the numbers released by BaDoinkVR – and these numbers are “quite surprising.”

Download statistics show that Gear VR remains the dominant headset, accounting for 40% of all BaDoinkVR downloads. The Google Cardboard category – basically all other cell phone headsets – were 23% of the download share. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive received 25% while PS4 and Google Daydream took 12%.

“While these numbers are not actual sales figures, they can still provide a useful measure of each headset’s popularity, hardvr writes. “If it’s true that the Gear VR is playing such a dominant role in the VR marketplace, then this tells us a lot about how people are using VR and what content creators can do to capture this growing audience.”

The Gear VR unit is “decidedly more casual” than Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, shorter on features in an effort to create a more cost-effective and convenient experience. Still, it is much higher quality than the Google Cardboard level headsets.

“Gear VR is also different from the Rift or Vive in that it encourages a more condensed type of interaction,” according to hardvr. “Users of the Gear VR are less likely to be interested in using their headset for extended periods of time and instead are much more inclined towards brief experiences. These users would much rather have a concise experience that can be easily accessed than an elaborate adventure that requires hours of engagement.”

And that is exactly the kind of information the adult industry needs to know as they attempt to cash in on the coming VR craze.

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