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Hype Magazine Talks to About the Possibility That VR Could Save Adult

VENICE, CA – The mainstream media is keeping a close eye on how the adult industry forges ahead with virtual reality and this week Hype Magazine is asking a question that’s been whispered around Porn Valley in recent years: “Will VR Porn Save the Adult Industry?”

Subtitled “How technology is winning over piracy,” the piece goes to the industry’s top voice X-rated virtual reality, founder and CEO Daniel Peterson.

Peterson’s site is not only a premier site for adult VR content, it is also the top source for information on adult VR news and VR tech in general. Hype sat down with the “VR aficionado” and got the lowdown on VR and the future of the adult industry.

It’s no secret that the adult industry has struggled due to a combination of piracy, tube sites and the vast quantity of content available for free over the internet. Can VR really help the industry bring in some much-needed money?

“There is definitely money in VR porn. Virtual reality is still new enough that the producers are able to largely control the distribution of their content,” Peterson explains to Hype.

“And the technology and content is improving all the time. We’re far away from a mature market. This means that if you want good VR porn, you have to pay for it. And this will be true for years.

“Contrast this with standard video porn. There is already enough free content out there to last thousands of lifetimes. And the stuff produced this year is pretty similar to the stuff produced a few years ago, so there isn’t as much demand for the new content that producers are trying to sell. VR porn isn’t immune to the market forces that affect standard porn. There is a race to the bottom occurring, with producers allowing more and more of their content to be released for free. Though this will always be their older content, using older virtual reality technology.”

Peterson explains that studios like Wankz and Naughty America are not only making “serious money,” but “they have never seen a niche grow as quickly as VR.” He points out that VR was science fiction just a few years ago and today there are millions of VR headsets in homes today. The only drawbacks today are the differing standards with the different devices – and that’s a problem is working hard to lessen.

“Part of our mission is to simplify the process so that it’s as easy as going to a website and pressing play, regardless of your VR setup,” he explains.

The interview also discusses the best equipment to pick up, how VR might affect people’s real sex lives, the different types of content and much more.

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