VRPorn.com on Terpon’s Next Generation VR Webcams, Innovative Strategy

Company to Offer Low-Priced, No-Contract Rentals to Cammers

VENICE, CA – Camming has become one of the strongest pillars of the adult industry and thanks to a company in Switzerland it’s about to get (even more) real.

In an article titled “Terpon Launches Next Generation VR Webcams” on the VRPorn.com blog, writer DrSchlonginhymen explains that one company, Verpon SA, has launched new webcam VR models, Hermes and Artemis, both of which are risk-free for cameras thanks to an innovative model that offers the cameras as low-cost, contract-free rentals.

“The part of the industry that is growing is live cam,” Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne explained. “But most visitors to these sites only consume what’s free there. If you give them 3-D content, it is something different that they will pay for. Especially if you have a VR headset already, you are committed to finding some new, fun experiences online.”

Artonne adds that the company won’t limit itself to creating for adult in the long-term, but they see an advantage focusing on the industry in order to create for the general market in the future. Their stated goal is to partner with leading webcam models, streaming content studios and webcam websites to become the premier provider of VR cameras to the adult industry.

“We work diligently with webcam studios, independent performers, platform owners and device manufacturers to provide the best possible Virtual Reality experience,” Artonne said. “This includes continual upgrades as new technologies become available and top tier support to ensure a seamless transition from a traditional 2D media environment to a world of truly intimate and exciting 3D VR enjoyment.”

The company is not only providing cutting-edge hardware and software, they are renting without contracts, meaning the users could cancel any time – or keep them as long as they want.

“Terpon’s VR Webcams are striking propositions for Webcam streamers,” DrSchlonginhymen writes. “They provide an exciting new medium of VR webcam streaming. Terpon knows that VR webcam streaming will be huge so they are providing an excellent set of cameras that can stream amazing 3D imagery live.”

These new cameras allow VR webcam streaming, meaning webcam performers can stream a virtual reality feed to users. The users can look around via the head tracking unit in the VR headset, making them feel like they are right there with the performers.

“By focusing on a limited market (the adult live streaming market), Terpon can produce a software and hardware ecosystem that is carefully aligned with adult VR content that is produced and consumed,” DrSchlonginhymen writes. “This means that their cams and software will be designed and developed with the goal of bringing the best possible VR streams to consumers.”

Terpon says it will be giving away 1000 beta-edition cams to influential performers.

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