VRPorn.com: Adult Industry Directors Are Leading the Way in Virtual Reality

Mainstream Has a Lot to Learn from Porn’s Lensmen

VENICE, CA – With the adult industry taking the lead in virtual reality content, will there soon come a day when mainstream Hollywood directors will need to make the drive to Porn Valley to learn the craft from smut masters in order to develop mainstream movies? That’s the contention in a new article on VRPorn.com.

The article, written by ErosVR, says that one day not too far away Hollywood will be shooting blockbusters with all-star casts and viewers will be the movies’ protagonists. This is not a discussion about Netflix’s admirable take on VR, rather this is:

When I say VR films and VR cinema, I’m actually referring to full-feature live-action Hollywood productions that are shot with a VR camera and are meant to turn you into the protagonist.

Understanding that there are limitations to the concept – a linear story line, the obligatory happy ending, and avoiding computer-generated content as much as possible.

I know this sounds a lot like sci-fi stuff, but so does today’s VR for quite some time. I like to think that VR porn is only an experimental state of development which explores the capabilities of the technology in terms of filming human actors – and the next step is going to blow our minds and revolutionize the more PG mass-entertainment industry!

One challenge, ErosVR says, is going to be making the jump from computer-generated content with real-life footage – and that’s where Porn Valley is way ahead of Hollywood.

And this is where virtual reality porn becomes very important: the Hollywood movie directors who want to shoot VR masterpieces will have to turn to the porn directors and studios, ask them for advice and learn from them about how the technology is best used. … From a technological and cinematic point of view, virtual reality porn is lightyears ahead anything that was released for entertainment purposes to the masses and isn’t computer-generated: if you have to film any kind of project which involves real human beings and wants to know more about how the distances between subjects should be determined, then the VR porn directors and technicians are the go-to persons.

Once again, porn breaks new ground and sooner or later mainstream will follow.

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