Virtual Reality vs. Sex Dolls: Investigates

Photo from Naughty America VRWho Will Win the Battle for Our Dirty Side?

VENICE, CA – A battle looms on the horizon and it’s definitely a must-watch for everyone connected to the adult industry: virtual reality porn vs. sex robots.

While the historic promise of jetpacks for everyone looks like it will never be fulfilled, technology is quickly rolling out more and more incredible things and fans of adult entertainment are going to benefit greatly. VR porn is already beginning its takeover on the visual front, but looking ahead is it possible that we will leapfrog VR altogether with the arrival sex dolls?

Is Harmony, the latest in a series of high tech sex dolls to be unveiled, part of a movement that makes VR porn – or even all digital adult content – obsolete before it even has the opportunity to reach its full potential?

“Without belaboring the point, let’s clarify that VR porn is all about reality,” writes junderground18. “It’s for someone who doesn’t want to watch two people screwing but wants to feel he (or she) is doing it with the gorgeous starlet in front of him. It’s kind of hard, no matter how well-made the film is, for it to seem more lifelike than actually doing it.

Ownership of a sex bot (which many experts predict will be rentable at some point) means having sex whenever you want it. At that point, you should be basically replicating sex with a woman rather than simulating it. It’s hard to imagine someone interested in VR porn not also being interested in robot sex, as soon as he/she saves up the dough.”

The writer recognizes that many times the death of a content delivery system has been predicted only for that system to live on. One thing that will hold back any sex robot revolution is certainly bound to be the price, which is not small. Realbotix’s Harmony will set a fellow back about $15,000, so there is a long way to go before every guy has a sex robot stashed in his closet. For that the owner can program her with a dozen personality traits, including kind, shy, naïve, intellectual and sexual.

“Probably the biggest threat to VR porn from robots would be excellent artificial intelligence,” junderground18 summarizes. “Once sex robots get beyond canned phrases and stiff behavior, that could be trouble. VR porn will really have to fight to keep up, though there should be room for both technologies. If a sex robot can make a person feel special by remembering likes and dislikes, and finding a way to say just that right thing, it has really hit paydirt. That will probably be more valuable to many users than not having to make her cum first. So VR porn would have some work to do. But don’t fear – that kind of artificial intelligence is a long way off.”

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