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Photo from Naughty America VRVirtual Reality Can Do ‘An Infinite Amount More’

VENICE, CA – Popular mainstream site EveryJoe.com today posted an interview with VRPorn.com founder and CEO Daniel Peterson and it’s a superb peek inside the go-to place for adult virtual reality adult entertainment.

VRPorn.com is the hottest site in the world for keeping up with the latest adult VR content as well as general information about the format that is growing and improving quickly.

Peterson explains that it is possible to pick up a smartphone VR headset for $20 to $100 and then use their site’s streaming without so much as downloading anything. “Just press play and it works,” he says.

“We have more adult VR content than any other site, and we’re always adding new stuff,” Peterson tells EveryJoe. “Various studios and creators contact us daily to get on the site. We support all VR creators and our huge traffic gives anybody who posts on our site great exposure. Besides this, we’ve been in the VR community for years and we know where to find all XXX VR to keep the site updated with everything in one place. We are very user-focused.”

The way Peterson sees it, VR is the final frontier for pornographic content and will soon make conventional porn a thing of the past.

“Just think about it, virtual reality porn can do anything that normal porn can do, plus an infinite amount more,” he says. “You like watching videos on a tube site? Ok, you can do that in VR, but instead of your boring room, you’ll be in your virtual private home theater with bikini babes surrounding you. You like actually being with your favorite porn star? VR can do that, nothing else can. The possibilities are unlimited.”

Read the full interview at http://www.everyjoe.com/2017/02/24/entertainment/interview-daniel-peterson-ceo-vrporn-com/.

Check out VRPorn at https://vrporn.com/. To go directly to their blog go to https://vrporn.com/blog/.

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