VRPorn.com’s Blog an Invaluable Resource for Adult’s Hot New Thing

Pretty Girls and the Latest in VR Tech News Prove a Popular Mix

VENICE, CA – As technology gallops ahead the adult entertainment industry once again leads the charge, with virtual reality porn topping the list of hot new tech capturing the world’s imagination! VRPorn.com is tapping into the trend, showing that the public’s interest in adult entertainment VR-style is more than skin deep.

The site’s blog, which details advancements, reveals the stars of the genre and contains general VR news, has exploded along with the public’s curiosity.

“Most people don’t know this, but VRPorn.com actually started off as my virtual reality fan blog four years ago,” founder and CEO Daniel Peterson said. “This was before most people had even heard the words ‘VR porn.’ From those humble beginnings, our blog posts now have as much exposure as even the biggest mainstream VR news sites.”

In fact, the blog itself has become so popular that it is on its way to being the single biggest media outlet for VR news. The carefully curated blog is a can’t-miss outlet for fans of VR, which is considered to be the most important and promising advance in the way we experience adult entertainment since videotape.

Some are thinly-veiled excuses for us to look at beautiful and sexy women (how not to check out posts like “Top 5 Teen VR Porn Stars” or “Orgies: Perfect for VR”?!), but there are also plenty of updates on the technology, especially as it applies to the adult industry. There was a recent post titled “Google Daydream Is Built for VR Porn,” which explains the benefits of Google’s new product from an adult consumer perspective, while pieces like “How to Watch VR Porn Videos on Playstation VR” speak for themselves – and also to a massive, eager audience. The blog posts routinely get retweeted by some of the biggest VR porn stars.

“It’s amazing to think about, but we will likely be the single biggest media outlet for VR news in the future,” Peterson said. “If we talk about some cool new VR game, more VR users will hear about it from us than from any other VR site. As is often the case with new technology, adult leads the way. And this is especially true when it comes to virtual reality.”

VRPorn.com is a community-based virtual reality site with many VR porn creators sharing on the site and benefiting from its huge traffic. Peterson said anyone is welcome to contribute to the site’s blog so long as the posts maintain their high quality and the information is relevant to the site’s audience.

It’s this forward-looking and inclusive spirit that has made VRPorn.com arguably the #1 VR porn site in the world. Peterson and his staff stay busy keeping viewers connected to the latest and greatest adult virtual reality content, tapping into what is proving to be an enormous appetite for the future of the adult industry.

Check out VRPorn at https://vrporn.com/. To go directly to the blog go to https://vrporn.com/blog/.

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