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On December 16th at 12 a.m., millions of excited fans packed into movie theaters around the world for the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film drew in a cool $29 mil on the night of it’s premiere. Although not nearly enough to pull ahead of The Force Awakens, it is nonetheless the biggest premiere of the year so far pulling ahead of Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civil War. We decided to check in and see how user behavior would be affected by the release of the film, here’s what we found.

Beginning at the as early as Thanksgiving weekend, Redtube began to see a slight increase in the volume of searches related to the film. Probably because it was right around this time that the media started talking more and more about the upcoming premiere. The search volume really started to pick up on December 13, the day the movie opened in Los Angeles. The biggest jump in volume, however, came on December 16th, the day the film premiered worldwide. That day we saw a +332% increase in search volume, about 4.3 times the usual volume.


We also saw an increase in some Star Wars related search terms over the weekend the film first hit theaters. ‘Star wards force rising’ saw the greatest increase (+537%). The franchise name got twisted into some pretty entertaining search terms as well, including ‘star whores’, ‘sex wars’, ‘star wars xxx’ and ‘star wars clone wars’.  ‘Princess leia’ was the most searched for character from the film, followed by ‘rey’ and ‘darth vader blowjob’. Then of course there’s our personal favorite- one that always sees a good increase in growth whenever a Star Wars movie comes out, ‘anal lightsaber’, up 73% this time around.



With that, we thank you for tuning in, and may the force be with you this holiday season. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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