Thinking of using Paxum? Think twice about that!

Thinking of using Paxum you might want to think about about that for one very simple reason … they will absolutely nickle and dime you to death so it just doesn’t make it a financially feasible option.

The amazing part is they advertise themselves as having “low fees”. LOW? SERIOUSLY?! They call this bullshit low?!

  • $1 charge every time you use your Mastercard at any store.
  • $2 charge every time you use your Mastercard at the ATM machine.
  • $44.95 per year just to get the card in the first place.
  • $2 fee from most affiliate programs – so that means just to get paid money that is owed you, it will cost you $2!
  • $.50 to transfer money from your Paxum wallet to your Mastercard – that is in addition to the fees you already paid to get your money in the first place
  • $8.95 to withdraw money from your Paxum account and have it deposited into your own checking account.
  • $1 just to verify your checking account in the first place
  • $1 to change your pin #
  • $.50 if your transaction is declined.
  • $.50 if you use the ATM to find out what your balance is
  • $.25 to $1 to send money to send money to another Paxum user
  • $50 to add money to your own Paxum account via wire
  • $5 to $25 to load money on your Paxum account via certified check or money order
  • $40 for a charbeback


So if an affiliate program pays you via Paxum you are charged $2. Now you have the money in your Paxum wallet you can pay $8.95 to withdraw it to your checking account.  That is after they charged you the $1 to verify your account in the first place. Or you can pay $.50 to have it transferred to your Paxum Mastercard. Then from there you must pay $2 to withdraw it via ATM (limited on how much per day you can withdraw). Alternatively you can just use as a credit card and shop with it. Of course that will mean you must pay $1 every time you use it at any store. That of course doesn’t includ the $44.95 per year fee to have the card int he first place.

But the best part of all is that if someone screws you and you need to chargeback a transaction you never authorized in the first place, that will cost you $40!



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