Monica Foster is at it again

Last year Monica Foster was revealed as one of the most active contributors to the infamous Donny Long website that revealed personal and private information about porn stars. She then claimed she was the one who helped take the site down, demanding others praise her for all she did.

But you know what … she is the one who helped that site reveal personal information in the first place and she’s at it again. Yesterday she revealed on the Rob Black live radio show the personal and private names of Wicked Pictures contract star Samantha Saint and her husband and not only their names but revealed where the guys works at which allows any person to Google and then get an exact address of.

“No sooner did I ask that question on air than Monica Foster e-mailed with the answer. Saint’s husband is ——— is employed by the ———-.  Monica Foster who’s been doing the brunt of the leg work ——-(her website) and keeps tabs on any breaking developments.

This puts the actual safety of Samantha Saint in jeopardy.

What kind of piece of shit low of scum does that to another female? Monica Foster talks about how bad Donny Long is for doing that, yet she’s now done exactly the same thing. Monica Foster is a low life piece of scum.

Monica Foster you are a stupid cunt and I truly hope you burn in hell.

I hope that every member of your family has to hide in fear because like you did to Samantha Saint, others reveal their information – including their names, addresses, where they work at and more. People like you are the biggest pieces of shit ever.


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