Vote NO on Measure B!

You can’t legislate morality!

In a few short weeks those who live in the Los Angeles area are going to go to the polls and vote on what is known as Measure B.  This is the “condom law” which basically says (if it passes) a porn star won’t get the choice to wear or not to wear a condom.  it will be required by law.

Wearing them or not isn’t really the issue here. The issue is freedom of choice.

When you go to have sex with someone you get the right to chose to wear or not to wear a condom, so why can’t they have that same choice?

If you vote yes on measure B you are taking away their right to chose.  You get to make that choice, so they should get to make it as well.


Porn stars are people too.  Shouldn’t they be entitled to the same rights as you or me?

You get to decide if you want to wear a condom, so why would you not grant a porn star that same freedom?


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