Cezar Capone Gets a Makeover

Have you seen the official Cezar Capone site lately?  It seems they are rocking a whole new look as of late.

Kamber Kent who is in charge of the affiliate program for the Cezar Capone website (Sex Royalties) had this to say ….

“The site has always had amazing retention but we wanted to get the initial conversions up so that is when we decided to give this a try.  Inspired by the popularity of the Pintrest site, we thought we could try something similar for Cezar Capone fans and it seems to be working great.   Almost overnight new memberships are up 20%!  How great is that?”

Members of the Cezar Capone site get access to all of his movies as well as a bonus of more than 2,000 videos and 100’s of thousands of photos.  The Cezar Capone website is now a part of the Klub Kelli network which means members enjoy a larger variety of content and gets more frequent updates.  Kelli recently launched a site just to keep up with all the updates and that can be seen at www.KlubKelli.com/update.

You can follow Cezar Capone on twitter @CezarCaponeXXX or visit his site at www.CezarCapone.com.

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