What the fuck is wrong with some people?

In a time where everyone is talking about minimizing risks and reducing talent testing from once every 30 days to every 10 days, someone like Tanya Tate decides to go the complete opposite way and double up on her exposure and perform with gay male performer Johnny Anglais and then brag about it in a press release.

For those that don’t know who Johnny Anglais is, he is a male porn star who performs in gay videos and was recently cast in this seasons Big Brother UK.   He is also rumored to be a gay male escort.

There is a very good reason why so many big named stars will flat out not work “cross over” stars and that is because the risk is far to high.  Their lack of condom usage, sporadic and often times non-existent testing has SMART STARS saying thanks but no thanks.  No scene is worth my life.

That is well expect Tanya Tate who says  that her hardcore romp with Johnny Anglais is now heating up the online sex series which she provides on her website. “Under his porn name Johnny Anglais, Garrett  tries out with Tate, alongside another guy, attempting to raise the heat, only to be joined mid orgy by Greg Jacob and Jordan Kingsley. ”

What the fuck was she thinking?  Did she think just because he was on Big Brother UK for a very brief time it would some how magically shield her?

What the fuck is wrong with some people?

Well if in the future she suddenly finds herself on the NO list of people not wanting to work with her, she will know why.

Hope her 43 seconds of fame was worth it.




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