The Adult DVD Top Selling DVDs

Every month the big sites talk about the hot new releases that are topping the sales charts but truth be told, most consumers don’t shell out the big bucks for the new releases.  Most consumers wait until they’ve been out awhile.  In fact, most people don’t know this but a very large percentage of brick and mortar stores don’t even carry the new releases.

I got a list of about 7,000 retail stores in the US, including over 3,000 of which were in the state of California alone.  I made my way down the list day after day trying to convince them to carry a copy of a movie I had produced – my first ever movie actually.  The most interesting thing I found out about most of these real world adult stores (minus the big named chains), is that they don’t typically keep up with the latest releases or even remotely care about the latest and greatest new titles out.  How they typically make their purchase is by calling their distributor, asking for a 20 or maybe 30 pack of random, low cost titles.  These are a random selection of catalog feature films (those movies that have been out awhile), compilation and lower budget gonzo titles.

I am talking thousands and thousands of retailers told me this story time and time again.  Yet when you go view those AVN top charts, you never -ever- see this information reflected in the sales charts.  All you ever see are the hottest new movies, by the big studios.  Sure some retailers will buy a few of the bigger known new releases at the customers request but for the most part that isn’t how the ordering is going on.

The weeks and weeks me, my housekeeper, her husband and my sister sat down calling every adult store we could find was the most eye opening experience ever in terms of marketing.  The few who do make selected purchases, almost every time say they do so based on the look of the box cover alone.  They don’t care who is in the movie, what studio it is or even what the movie is about.  They just make the selection on how great they think the cover looks.

So again it got me thinking.  If the sales charts we’ve been reading every month aren’t really all that accurate or apparently all that honest, then what are the hot selling movies.  So I picked up the phone and call my friends over at Adult DVD and asked them.

The first thing out of the ladies mouth was oh well Katwoman XXX is doing great.  I told her she could stop right there.  I know Katwoman XXX is a great movie, I truly don’t doubt that it is selling well but I would like the truth, not the media hype.  What are the real customers, really buying.  She said Katwoman XXX really is one of their best selling new releases, but overall the best selling movies really are and always have been the older, lower priced titles.

And that is of course what I suspected all along.  So I asked her to give me a list of those titles and here is what we have … the Adult DVD hottest selling DVDs based on sales for last month.


  1. My MILF Boss 3
  2. My First Sex Teacher 18
  3. Big Wet Asses 16
  4. Superstar Freaks (4 Hours)
  5. Super Tight 2
  6. Mommy Blows Best 2
  7. Can’t Be Roots XXX
  8. Best of Young Gushers (6 hours)
  9. Adult’s Biggest Dicks (8 hours)
  10. America’s Hottest Super Sluts (4 hours)


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