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Nancy Grace Had a Wardrobe Malfunction on the September 26, 2011 Edition of Dancing With the Stars. [source]  Much like a car wreck, sometimes you just can’t help but look.  Oh come on …. you know you want to look, even if it is Nancy Grace.

Here is a Nancy Grace nipple slip photo (NSFW). God help us all.

Here are four words you never wanted to see together: Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction. Here are four more words that should never be seen side by side: Nancy Grace nipple slip.

Dear God, ABC what have you to us? During the September 26, 2011 edition of Dancing With the Stars, Nancy Grace suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction occurred when her right breast popped out of tight dress, exposing her nipple.

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“On the European version that would be perfectly fine,” DWTS host Tom Bergeron joked.

No it wouldn’t, Tom. No it wouldn’t. No country on earth would consider this perfectly fine.

ABC seems to have had a run of celebrity nipple slips. A couple of months ago, R&B star Nicki Minaj suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Good Morning America.

No doubt, some masochists are hunting down Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction photos and video. Go ahead, here it is. But be warned, once something is seen, it cannot be unseen. Do yourself a favor and just watch this video of an Aussie Rules football player breaking his leg into a thousand pieces. It’s more pleasant than looking at Nancy Grace’s exposed nipple.

Better yet, don’t click on the video below, go home, hug a loved one and be eternally grateful that you can count yourself among the fortunate few who have not seen Nancy Grace’s nipple. You’re luckier than you’ll ever know.


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