What is a GOOD Agent?

A good agent is one that actively seeks out new work opportunities for you and keeps YOUR best interests in mind. He (or she) considers your entire career when making a decision about booking you for a job, not just the financial rewards but the long term opportunities for that particular job.

A good agent doesn’t just stick your photo and stats on a website in some database and hope that producers will pick you.  A good agent represents YOU and gets out there to find you new work, not hope that someone randomly picks you.

If your agent has 10, 20 or even 30 or more girls he is repping, how much time does he really have to represent your best interests?

Some agents will immediately dispute this and say bullshit, that is what a “manager” does.  Well then I must ask … if a manager is doing all of this for the girl then what the heck does she really need you for then?

So let me ask you this girls, in the last week alone, how many times did you agent actively call studios and producers to try and book YOU for work … and by that I mean not send out random emails promoting their AGENCY, I mean you and your best interests specifically?

Is your agent getting money from you ever time he books you a job and from the company he is getting you to work with?  Nice of him to be a double dipper like that.

If your agent pressuring you in any way to create a website with either their own company or some company they have a financial interest in?  How nice of them to have their own financial interests at heart, instead of what may actually be best for you.

A good agent has one job and one job only and that is to find you work.  His job isn’t then to try and leverage his talent roster to further financial opportunities for himself or his agency.

Think carefully about each of these things the next time you speak with your agent.

Don’t be a fool.

Don’t let people take advantage of you girl!

It’s time you start being proactive about your career and your success.  Start taking charge and look at the opportunities around you.  Are the people you are paying to make you a star really doing what is best for you, or are they doing what is best for them?


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