Elegant Angel Movies Now Available on The Flesh Drive

The FleshDrive is the first-to-market in the next revolution of adult film distribution with the easy and compact USB flash drives, have announced a new deal with Elegant Angel, one of the premier leaders in the adult world.

Elegant Angel has signed on to release a slew of new titles on the brand new FleshDrive. Elegant Angel, who have been in the business of making adult films since 1998 and has strengthened their share in the marketplace, will make its initial jump into this new form of distribution with the release of four brand new titles onto The FleshDrive.

Elegant Angel will release Flower’s Squirt Showers, Massive Asses, It’s a Mommy Thing, and one of their highest regarded lines, Big Wet Asses.

“With this new evolution of technology it only made sense for Elegant Angel to make the jump onto the FleshDrive“, says VP of sales for The FleshDrive, Michael Gruosso. “With DVD sales not where they once were and Blu Ray still in its infancy in adult, it makes sense for the industry to move in a new direction.”

“With the introduction of The FleshDrive, Elegant Angel felt they had another platform in which to make there long beloved fans happy.”

The FleshDrive will release the first Elegant Angel FleshDrive, Big Wet Asses, today, September 14th, and will release a new one every Tuesday for the following three weeks.

“We are all extremely excited about our deal with The FleshDrive,” says Graham Travis of Elegant Angel. “The product packaging is excellent, and I was really impressed with The FleshDrive player. The FleshDrive played on my Xbox without a hitch and worked flawlessly on all my machines at home including, my Playstation 3. We’re looking forward to releasing more titles on The FleshDrive in the very near future.”

To visit the Elegant Angel Flesh Drive store go to www.fleshdrive.com/elegant_angel

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