Give it up for the creativity of The Erotic Networks

I don’t watch a lot of TV and when I do, I most especially try not to concentrate on commercials.  But something unusual caught my eye yesterday.  It wasn’t really as much a commercial per say.  It was supposed to be a public service announcement telling parents that if they are worried about their kids watching adult pay per view they can put a password on the channel through their remote.   At the very end of the PSA they say “brought to you by The Erotic Networks”.  This is a company owned by cable giant New Frontier Media ( and they basically broadcast porn on your local cable channels via pay per view or subscription based services.

By itself seeing this ad once or twice wouldn’t have really caught my attention but I soon came to realize they played this so called public service announcement 7 times in a two hour period.

That’s almost as bad as those fucking State Farm commercials.  What I want to know is where the fuck did State Farm Insurance, an industry that claims to be in dire straits get millions upon millions upon millions of dollars to run this big national advertising campaign, that appears on every major network and several cable channels during all hours of the day including premium prime time?????????  What the fuck is that shit?  Maybe that is what they spent their bailout money on.  The fuckers!

But back to The Erotic Networks (aka  These guys are fucking brilliant.  They disguise promotion of adult pay per view as a public service announcement.  Now they look like good guys, all trying to be responsible pornographers, while at the same time putting in the minds of consumers “adult pay per view”, a simple yet effective reminder that the product exists if they want to use it.  FUCKING BRILLIANT.  Seriously!

Now if more of you internet fuckers would stop wasting your time creating what you think is brilliant, yet has turned out now to make you dick in money tube sites, and actually get creative, you might find yourself really making some serious bucks in this business.  Dumb asses.

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